What is
My Rights Keeper (MRK)?

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In mankind's history, the dissemination of ideas and creations has never been as fast as at the beginning of this century.  Creations are exchanged on the web at incredible speed. This rapid sharing of ideas give creators new edge and new methods to improve or commercialize their creation.

This speed of exchanges also brings new challenges for creators...

In response to these new challenges MRK protection provides the following advantages:

  • MRK provides a time-stamped registration of your files
  • Each files obtain their own digital signature
  • MRK's Premium Lockbox permit to add multiple files related to a creation
  • MRK's Premium Lockbox disk space are pretty generous
  • MRK permit to link multiple authors to a creations
  • MRK's certificates of registration are produced by a reputable law firm
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The protection and achiving of
your creations in 4 steps

Premium Lockbox™
Create an MRK account
Buy a Premium Lockbox™
Add files to your Lockbox™
Seal your Lockbox™

Create an account

Create your free MRK account, and you will be able to create a Lockbox™ for all your projects

Buy a Lockbox™

Buy a Premium Lockbox™ in relation to your project size

Add your files

Add all types of files, whether it is your working files, legal documents or your finished product

Seal your Lockbox™

Once sealed, the content of your Lockbox™ will be time-stamped and cannot be modified. It may now serves to protect and defend your copyright.

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Create an MRK account and you will be able to protect and archive your creations today!

The free protection of
your creations in 4 steps

Standard Lockbox™
Create an MRK account
Create a Standard Lockbox™
Obtain a digital signature of our file
Kee your original file in a safe place

Create an account

Create your free MRK account, and you will be able to create Lockbox™ for all your projects

Free Lockbox™

Create a free Standard Lockbox™. Your vault can contain a limitless number of Standards Lockbox™

Digital Signature

Upload your file and our server will calculate its digital signature and save it in your Lockbox™

Keep a copy

Keep your original.  It is imperative that you keep you original or it will be impossible, to establish the paternity of your creation

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Our Services

MRK's Vault

MRK's vault can contain two types of Lockbox™ to protect your intellectual Propriety and defend your copyright.   You can always access your vault to consult your Lockbox™.  Access to your vault is secured and meets the highest industry Standards to guarantee the integrity of your creation.

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Multi-authors copyrights

Both types of MRK's Lockbox™ allow multi-authors entry. You can link several MRK members to one Lockbox™

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Certificat of registration

On request, we will send you, by mail, a hard copy of your Lockbox™ and all its contents on a CD/DVD.   A certificate of registration will accompany the disk copy. The registration certificate takes the form of an affidavit.   Being admitted as evidence in court, the affidavit is a sworn statement made before a witness authorized by law officer.  MRK's certificates are produced by MBM law firm which is internationally recognized for its services in intellectual property protection.

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Legal Services

MRK is associated with a law firm which is internationally recognized for its specialization in protection of intellectual property that can defend your case in 190 countries.

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Summary of all services

Services Lockbox™ Standard Lockbox™ Premium
Create an MRK account Free
Concordance Test Free
Access my vault and my Lockbox™ at all time Free
Dissemination protection Free
Multi-authors Free
Get a certificat of registration 75.00 USD
Access to all recorded files found in my Lockbox™ and be able to download them at all time Not available Included
Being able to include multiple files related to one creation Not available Included
Modify the contents of a Lockbox™ (add or delete files) Not available Included, before sealing the Lockbox™

Here are our different packages

Select the package that will better fit your protection needs.


Size of Lockbox™

100 MB

Annual price: 9.95 USD



Size of Lockbox™

500 MB

Annual price: 14.95 USD



Size of Lockbox™

5 GB

Annual price: 24.95 USD



Size of Lockbox™

10 GB

Annual price: 49.95 USD


You have a creation that is bigger than 10Gb? No problem, contact us and we will help resolve your needs.

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